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With over 757 employees in the Godwin Pumps brand, and over 40,000 in Xylem, our impact throughout the world is steadily rising.  If you are interested in working with a Fortune 500 company, and joining our great people in making a positive impact on the pumping industry, see our current openings below.


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The Godwin Culture

Godwin Pumps has a unique culture, built on having the very best equipment and the very best people.  Our corporate model sets us apart from the competition.  We are on call and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter where there is a pumping emergency or a customer that needs help.  We aren’t just the product.  We’re the service behind the product.

"It started as a job, and now it’s my career.”


"It’s a strong, solid company. Working for Godwin is like working for your family.”


"I enjoy working in the fast-paced environment that Godwin Pumps provides."


"I love the diversity of our product line and the diversity of the people we work with."


"Godwin enables me to utilize my passion and education on a daily basis."


"I like being closer to the product than I was able to be in the past. It gives me a great focus on who my customers are and how best I can help them."


"Every day is different. I like being the solution and solving problems for customers."


"All the different personalities are what make Godwin such a great place. It’s the people in general that make my day, and the opportunity to talk with all of our great people and great customers to see what we can do for them.”


"I love the challenge, the early morning phone call when a customer needs help and turns to me."


"We aim to have contingency plans in place for our customers, but we still thrive in emergencies... Heading out to meet a customer as soon as we get the call, and providing aid however we can."


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