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Automated Controls

Automated Controls

Godwin offers various control options for pumps, including the PrimeGuard Controller and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD). These controls respond to factors including emissions and noise regulations, pump efficiency and longevity, and power/fuel efficiency. We have also implemented remote start controls, geo-fencing/GPS location devices, and have successfully integrated our equipment with SCADA interfaces for remote monitoring.


Remote Monitoring

The PrimeGuard Controller can now be fitted with Godwin Field Smart Technology (FST) to provide remote monitoring and control for diesel-drive Godwin pumps. Electric-drive pumps with VFD controller can also be fitted with this option.

Field Smart Technology can monitor engine operating parameters such as hours, speed, engine temperature, and fuel consumption, as well as pump parameters such as suction and discharge pressure, flow data, and sump level. This data is logged at intervals as short as one minute and can be downloaded as a .csv file.

FST communicates through cellular signal or satellite connection to provide the same information on the website that is shown on the PrimeGuard panel. The control functionality allows a pump to be remotely started and stopped through our website (see "Remote Monitoring Login").

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