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PrimeGuard Controller
PrimeGuard Controller

PrimeGuard Controller

Godwin’s diesel driven automatic Dri-Prime® pumps now include the Godwin PrimeGuard Automatic Level Control system on all Tier 2 electronic diesel engines. The Godwin PrimeGuard is a fully programmable microprocessor engine control system allowing for inputs from level, flow, pressure transducers or standard floats. Using any of these systems, your Godwin Dri-Prime® pump can start and stop automatically with no operator intervention required. Call today for more details about Automatic Level Controls for your portable/permanent pumping application.

• High performance, state of the art, touch-sensing digital controller.
• No mechanical switches to wear or stick.
• Manual, automatic, or remote starting capabilities.
• Security levels allow limited to full access of controller functionality.
• Includes 8 programmable relays and 66 selectable features, including pump running, pump failure, and others.
• RS-232 and RS-485 communication ports enable communication with SCADA and other alarm equipment.
• Available as an option for non-electronic diesel engines.
• Capable of auto throttling engine rpm in response to changing pressure/level/flow transducer signals.
• Maintains an “event history” of all warning alarms (up to 32).
• User can pre-set engine rpm to maintain flow and head parameters when running unattended.
• Tracks oil and filter usage and alerts operator when replacement is recommended.
• Diesel engine warm up/cool down cycle available.

PrimeGuard Controller

The Godwin PrimeGuard is designed to operate from any DC supply from 8-35VDC continuous.

PrimeGuard Controller

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