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Quiet Vandal-Pac

Quiet Vandal-Pac

If equipment security is a concern, the Quiet Vandal-Pac enclosure is the right choice. The Quiet Vandal-Pac houses the Godwin Dri-Prime pump in a specially designed enclosure that mounts directly to the trailer and allows pumping to continue while at the same time providing equipment protection and keeping engine and other noise to a minimum. The Quiet Vandal-Pac option is available for any Godwin pump model that can be mounted on a 30, 60 or 100 gallon (114, 227 or 379 liter) trailer. Sound levels are approximately 72 dBA at 30 feet (9M).

  • Self-contained unit provides cost-effective security.
  • Lockable enclosure protects against vandalism and weather
  • Three, hinged, lockable doors provide convenient access to operating controls and service locations while keeping out unauthorized personnel.
  • Sound attenuation features include 14 gauge sheet metal construction lined with 1" (25mm) layer of polydamp acoustical sound deadening material, silenced muffler (cowl muffler) and silenced priming exhaust.
  • Reduces operating noise to as low as 72 dBA at 30 feet (9M).
  • Available for 4-, 6- or 8-inch Dri-Prime® pumps.

Standard Unit: CD100M — John Deere 3016D, Highway Trailer
Weight: 2,034 lbs. (925 kg.)

Quiet Vandal-Pac

Standard Unit: CD150M — John Deere 4045D, Highway Trailer
Weight: 3,650 lbs. (1,659 kg.)

Quiet Vandal-Pac

Standard Unit: CD200M — John Deere 4045D, Highway Trailer
Weight: 3,650 lbs. (1,659 kg.)
Please consult factory for dimensions.

NOTE: The Godwin CD225M 8" Dri-Prime pump is available in the Critically Silenced configuration.
Refer to the Godwin Pumps Critically Silenced data sheet for additional details.

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