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The CD225MV is a portable wellpoint system designed for a wide range of on-site dewatering applications. The CD225MV offers flow rates up to 3100 gpm (196 l/sec.), total heads to 180 feet (54.9M), and can handle solids up to 3-1/8" (79mm) in diameter. Based on the popular, industry-standard CD225M Dri-Prime® Pump, the CD225MV offers convenient automatic self priming and indefinite dry running capabilities that contractors, municipalities, industry and environmental companies across the country have come to rely on. The CD225MV consists of a centrifugal, single stage end suction pump, a high volume, belt driven vacuum pump, and a single action, float actuated air water separation tank. A reliable and efficient John Deere 4045T or Caterpillar 3054TA diesel engine powers both pump and vacuum components. An integral 105 gallon (397 liter) fuel tank within the skid provides up to 21 hours of continuous wellpoint operation. Additionally, the CD225MV operates with the full line of Godwin Wellpoint pipe and fittings including Quick Disconnect header pipes, riser pipes and adaptors, swing arm assemblies, and stainless steel, self-jetting wellpoint screens.

  • Flow rates to 3100 gpm (196 l/sec.). Total heads to 180 feet (54.9M).
  • Will handle raw sewage, slurries, and liquids with solids up to 3-1/8" (79mm) in diameter.
  • Dry running, oil bath mechanical seal with solid silicon carbide faces — capable of long term dry running encountered in wellpoint dewatering.
  • Single action float and separation tank operation protects vacuum system in high water level conditions.
  • Full line of Godwin Wellpoint pipe and fittings available.
  • Convenient compact skid or portable trailer mounting available.
  • Standard engine — John Deere 4045T or Caterpillar 3054TA. Available with a variety of engines including Hatz and Deutz.

Performance Table

Diesel Set — John Deere 4045T, 99 hp (74 kw) @ 2200 rpm
Caterpillar 3054TA, 108 hp (81 kw) @ 2200 rpm
Impeller Diameter — 11 3/8 inches (290mm)

Total Delivery Head - Feet


Total Suction
40 60 80 100
Head - Feet Output - GPM
15 3000
20 2700
25 2510

Performance data listed in table and curves are based on water tests at sea level and 68° F (20° C).
Larger diameter pipes may be required for maximum flows.


Maximum Operating Speed
2200 rpm

Vacuum Pump Range
120 - 200 scfm (3.4 - 5.7 m3/min)

Fuel Tank Capacity
105 gal. (397 liters)

Pipe Connections
8" (200mm) ASA #150

Solids Handling
3-1/8" (79mm) dia.

Pump Casing, Suction Cover, Separation Tank and Wearplates
Close grained cast iron

Cast chromium steel hardened
to Brinell 341 HB

1-1/2% nickel chromium steel

Mechanical Seal Faces
Silicon carbide

CD225MV — John Deere 4045T, Skid Base
Weight: 4,966 lbs. (2,247 kg.)


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