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CD500M Heavy Duty
CD500M Heavy Duty

CD500M Heavy Duty

The Godwin Dri-Prime CD500M Heavy Duty pump offers flow rates to 16120 USGPM and has the capability of handling solids up to 3.1" in diameter. 

The CD500M Heavy Duty is able to automatically prime to 28' of suction lift from dry. Automatic or manual starting/stopping available through integral mounted control panel or optional wireless-remote access. 

Indefinite dry-running is no problem due to the unique Godwin liquid bath mechanical seal design. Solids handling, dry-running, and portability make the CD500M Heavy Duty the perfect choice for dewatering and bypass applications.



  • Simple maintenance normally limited to checking fluid levels and filters.
  • Dri-Prime (continuously operated Venturi air ejector priming device) requiring no periodic adjustment. Optional compressor clutch available.
  • Extensive application flexibility handling sewage, slurries, and liquids with solids up to 3.1" in diameter.
  • Dry-running high pressure liquid bath mechanical seal with high abrasion resistant solid tungsten faces.
  • Pedestal-mounted centrifugal pump with Dri-Prime system coupled to a diesel engine or electric motor.
  • All cast iron construction (stainless steel construction option available) with cast steel impeller.
  • Plated skid with integrated 570 US Gal fuel tank designed for rough terrain in mines and quarries.
  • Standard engine Caterpillar C15 (T3 Flex). Also available with Caterpillar C18 (T3 Flex).


Suction connection: 24" 125# ANSI B16.1

Delivery connection: 18" 125# ANSI B16.1

Max capacity: 16120 USGPM †

Max solids handling: 3.1"

Max impeller diameter: 24.0"

Max operating temp: 176°F*

Max pressure: 103 psi

Max suction pressure: 73 psi

Max casing pressure: 155 psi

Max operating speed: 1200 rpm

* Please contact our office for applications in excess of 176°F.

† Larger diameter pipes may be required for maximum flows. 

Pump casing & suction cover:
Cast iron BS EN 1561-1997

Cast iron BS EN 1561-1997

Pump Shafts:
Carbon steel BS 970-1991 817M40T

Cast Steel BS3100 A5 Hardness to 200 HB Brinell

Non Return Valve Body:
Cast iron BS EN 1561-1997

Mechanical Seal Faces:
Double Mech Seal;Tungsten carbide face;Viton elastomer; Stainless steel body

CD500M Heavy Duty
CD500M Heavy Duty
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