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HS80 Hydraulic Sub Pump
HS80 Hydraulic Sub Pump

HS80 Hydraulic Sub Pump

The Godwin 3" (75mm) Heidra 80 hydraulic submersible pump is a compact self-contained pumping unit featuring a diesel driven power pack and 3" (75mm) submersible hydraulic pump. With variable speed diesel engine power, the Heidra 80 can meet a variety of flow and head requirements up to 420 gpm (26.5 l/sec.) and 125' (38.1 meters) of total dynamic head with a simple throttle adjustment. Add the ability to pass solids to 1-9/16" (40mm) in diameter, dry running capabilities, a cast chromium steel impeller, and you have a rugged dewatering / solids-handling, hydraulic submersible pump ready to go anywhere.

  • Rugged construction featuring cast iron pumping chamber and cast chromium steel impeller.
  • The pump has independent bearings from the hydraulic gear motor, therefore pump loads in no way affect the gear motor performance.
  • Mechanical seal in its own clean oil bath allows for indefinite dry running. Seal faces are solid silicone carbide.
  • Standard impeller is designed for general pumping, slurries and sludges.
  • Gear motor connections are standard two-bolt SAE flange.
  • For ease of maintenance, the gear motor has a “plug-in” connection to allow for quick changeover when required.

Submersible Pump:
Hydraulic Motor: Gear Type
Drive Pressures: 2800 psi (193 BAR)
Flow: 10.5 gpm (.66 l/sec.)
Pump Speed: Up to 3000 RPM
Impeller Diameter: 6.54" (116mm)
Solids Handling: 1-9/16" (40mm), max.
Discharge: 3" (75mm) Female NPT
Hydraulic Discharge Connection:
     Supplied with two 3/4" x 50 ft. (19mm x 15.24 meter) high pressure hoses
Strainer: Nylon coated steel with 1.75"
     (44mm) square apertures

Power Pack:
     John Deere 3009, 16 hp (12 Kw) @ 2400 RPM
     Caterpillar 3003 15 hp (11 Kw) @ 2400 RPM
Hydraulic System: Two pipe open circuit
Hydraulic Reservoir:
     10 gallon (37.9 liter) capacity
Control: Through variable engine speed
Hydraulic Pump: Gear type
Output Flow:
     10.5 gpm (.66 l/sec.) @ 2400 RPM
Output pressure:
     Up to 2800 psi (193 BAR)
Suction Filter: 125 micron pleated gauze
Return Line Filter: 10 micron
Hydraulic Pipe Connections: 3/4" (19mm)
     Quick Disconnect

Pump Casing and Suction Cover:
Cast Iron 

Front & Rear Wearplates:
Nitride Hardened Cast Iron to 600 Brinnell Hardness

Pump Shaft:
Mild Steel

Cast Steel

Bearing & Seal Housing:
Cast Iron

Mechanical Seal:
Single mechanical seal in oil bath with solid silicone carbide faces

Lifting Bracket:
Fabricated Mild Steel tube & plate

Weights (approx.)
Pump: 100 lbs. (45 kg.), Power Pack: 1,230 lbs. (558 kg.)


Performance Curve

Performance data listed in table and curves based on water tests at sea level and 68° F (20° C). Larger diameter pipes may be required for maximum flows.

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