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The Godwin Dri-Prime NC80 pump is an extremely powerful yet compact pump with flow capabilities to 520 USGPM. 

The NC80 features the unique patented Flygt Ntechnology with its innovative self-cleaning impeller.

NC Series pumps are engineered to deliver sustained high efficiency resulting in lower energy and fuel costs while reducing unplanned downtime. 
This makes the NC80 a best-in-class portable pump suitable for both sewage and clean water applications.



  • Dri-Prime (continuously operated Venturi air ejector priming device) requiring no periodic adjustment. Optional compressor clutch available.
  • Incorporates N-technology for non-clog performance, sustained high efficiency and long-term energy/fuel savings.
  • Hard-Iron™ (EN12513:2000) impeller and insert ring.
  • Dry-running, high-pressure oil bath mechanical seal with highly abrasion resistant silicon carbide faces.
  • Close-coupled centrifugal pump mounted to a diesel engine or electric motor for easy pumpend or engine/motor changeover in the field.
  • Also available in a critically silenced unit which reduces noise levels to less than 70 dBA at 30'.
  • Standard engine Yanmar 3TNV70 (IT4 Flex).

Suction connection: 4" 150# ANSI B16.5

Delivery connection: 3" 150# ANSI B16.5

Max capacity: 520 USGPM †Max impeller diameter: 8.4"

Max operating temp: 176°F*Max pressure: 48 psi

Max suction pressure: 41 psi

Max casing pressure: 72 psi

Max operating speed: 2200 rpm

* Please contact our office for applications in excess of 176°F.

† Larger diameter pipes may be required for maximum flows.



Pump casing & suction cover:
Cast iron BS1561:1997

Front- Hard Iron EN12513:2000

Rear- Cast Iron BS1561:1997 0

Pump Shafts:
Carbon steel BS 970-1991 817M40T

Hard Iron EN12513:2000

Non Return Valve Body:
Cast iron BS1561:1997

Mechanical Seal Faces:
Silicon carbide face; Viton elastomer; Stainless steel body

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