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Critically Silenced
Critically Silenced

Critically Silenced

The Critically Silenced enclosure houses the versatile Dri-Prime CD range and HL range pumps in a specially designed, acoustically-silenced enclosure. The Critically Silenced unit is intended for use in any application where pumping is required and engine and other noise must be kept to a minimum. Sound levels are approximately 69 dBA at 30 feet (9 meters).

The Critically Silenced unit is engineered from start to finish for quiet operation. The enclosure consists of 14 gauge sheet metal lined with 1" and 2" (25mm and 50mm) layers of polydamp acoustical sound deadening material. We’ve designed the engine with a critical grade silenced muffler, silenced the priming exhaust, and isolated engine vibration to further reduce operating noise. Hinged, lockable doors provide convenient access to operating controls and service locations. For added versatility, the entire skid mounted unit can be unbolted and removed from the DOT highway trailer.

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