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Job Safety Tips

Job Safety Tips

Safety is our business. The most important aspect of this is a cognizant, positive attitude toward accident prevention. Everyone is responsible for looking out for the safety of themselves and those around them. We are responsible for providing a safe working environment and strong safety training. Parts can easily be replaced, people cannot. We encourage our employees and customers to focus on safety above all else. Our employees are committed to: 

  • Maintaining a clean work space. This cuts down on many hazards and provides a more productive work environment.
  • Focusing on what is most likely to occur. The accidents that happen most often are minor, but following safer practices leads to fewer serious accidents.
  • Making sure everyone is aware of potential hazards.
  • Securing loads properly and communicating about unrealistic delivery deadlines.
  • Avoiding fatigue by taking regular breaks and eating and hydrating properly.
  • Lifting properly, and never carrying a load on one side of the body or overhead.
  • Compensating for extreme weather conditions through proper hydration and suitable clothing.
  • Ventilating the workplace using fans, opening windows, and introducing fresh air into the environment through ducts.
  • Wearing seat belts.
  • Properly entering and exiting machines.
  • Establishing a culture of safety, and a commitment to training.

No one ever plans an accident. That's why it's so important to have a commitment to taking the right steps to prevent an accident or minimize damage.

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