Central and western Europe

When downtime is not an option

When there's fluid to move and downtime is not an option you need reliable pumps you can trust in every dewatering job, every time.

From water and wastewater to industrial fluids, Godwin pumps have earned a world-wide reputation for reliability. Here's why:

  • Automatic self-priming from dry
  • Robust design for rough handling
  • Correct pump sizing
  • System engineering excellence
  • Product and support that’s close by and available


Dri Prime - Europe


Heidra - Europe

Where Godwin pumps are used


  • Sewer bypass
  • Digester cleaning and sludge removal
  • Emergency drainage of floodwaters

Mining and Quarrying

  • Underground drainage
  • Open pit dewatering
  • Process water supply and process water transfer


  • Industrial wastewater bypass
  • Temporary fire pumps
  • Temporary raw water supply

Construction and Tunneling

  • Worksite dewatering
  • Stream diversions
  • Drill rig water supply

Oil and Gas

  • Tank cleaning
  • Water supply for hydraulic fracturing
  • Product transfer
  • Pipeline pigging


  • Barge ballasting
  • Jetting

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